Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Man Next Door. Chapter 3.

Daughter:  I had a dreadful dream last night. It took place just as a real storm hit outside.I dreamt that my room was different, long, with hinged windows and shutters all along, and when a great gust of wind struck, it blew out all the windows and there was glass everywhere. As often happens, there were people next door making a lot of noise, talking and drinking and partying as I was going to sleep, so when I went to sleep I dreamt that I was in next door. Sometimes I just dream that I'm observing what goes on, and sometimes I'm getting involved. Once I was making everyone cups of tea, after heating the water in a large saucepan which took ages to boil. Sometimes I'm joining in the drinking and dancing and socialising. One night the dancing was so real that in the morning I asked Alpha if he had noticed dancing next door during the night.

What would you think if I actually started going in next door, and getting involved in what goes on there?

Mother: Knowing your past history I'd say it would be the beginning of the end for you. Would you want to get onto the man next door? I certainly don't fancy him. And there seems to be something funny about his legs. Have you noticed the way he shuffles along to the pub?

Daughter: He's not so bad physically, but he has such an ugly personality. All he does is complain. I hear him complain about his life and about people and everything. If I wanted to get onto someone it would be one of the interesting, attractive young men I've dreamt about, partying next door.

I hope we're not being unkind to the man next door.

Mother: Why? You don't think he can feel our criticism do you? We're just having fun seeing it as a story.

But he does tend to get nasty when he gets drunk, ordering loud-mouthed women out of his house when they take over the limelight during a party, or if they go somewhere they're not supposed to go. And I heard him being very nasty to a girlfriend one night, when they were upstairs together.

"You are not that pretty", he said..."I'm not that desperate that I want to go to bed with you."

Then he began to shout  ..."Get out of my house"...."Get out of my house," and I wondered why she didn't leave. I could see him standing in the room looking like Napoleon, as he shouted at her.

Next thing the light went out and all was quiet. Maybe they went to bed together after all.

Daughter: Maybe these days he's trying to be nicer to his girlfriends, so he can hang onto them.

Mother: I've heard recently that men his age can easily slip from respectability, with good jobs, or even professions, into homelessness.

But he shouldn't, because he's lucky enough to own his own home.

Daughter: I'm not so sure about that. A couple of days ago I saw a letter on his front doorstep from RAMS Mortgages.

Maybe he's in financial difficulties, and having trouble paying his mortgage.

(To be continued.)

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